Omega Centuari Globular cluster

The Light of Quirón

Omega Centuari Globular cluster
Omega Centauri Globular Cluster

Hello!! It wasn´t a very good night, but the clouds couldn´t beat me. I took my pencilbox and carry out my new Dobson 8″. It was a very nice experience though. This is my first sketch of a globular cluster! My eyes couldn´t bealive how beautiful this object is, thats why i choose it for my sketch. Thank you so much for publishing it!!!!! 😀 Best regards!

Object Name NGC 5139 – Omega Centauri
Object Type Globular Cluster
Location Miramar, Argentina
Date 25/03/2014
Media graphite pencil 2H and 2B on white paper, scumble, inverted with GIMP2
Instrumental: SW Skyliner Dobson 8″

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