Messier 106 & NGC 4248

Messier 106 and NGC 4248

Messier 106 & NGC 4248
Messier 106 & NGC 4248

Hi ASOD, shipping this sketch of the last observation of the past month. With a good night’s transparency and stability, with many details in M 106 as his arms as S as never could see, but more rewarding was seeing the small companion galaxy NGC 4248 somewhat weak but detected no problems, perhaps the light of the main galaxy eclipse the detail of the small but very surprised.

Best regards.

Object name: Messier 106 & NGC 4248
Object type: Galaxy
Location: Bonilla Cuenca ( spain )
Date: 22 February 2014
Hour: 23:20 < 23:50
Media: graphite pencil, processed and inverted gimp 2.8
Optical equipment: Dobsonian telescope Meade Lightbridge 10'' F/5 Eye piece Ethos 13mm
Magnification 97x True field 1°
Sky conditions: calm wind, good transparency. Temperature -1,3°C / 29,6 F RH 76% web site

6 thoughts on “Messier 106 and NGC 4248”

  1. Roberto, you have such a dark sky above your eyes!
    Enjoy it and please keep sharing your sketches with us.

  2. A very impressive drawing, Roberto, congratulations. I only can see M106 like a tiny blurred stain with my equipment. Santi.

  3. Hi Rodrigo & Santi, thanks for your comments, with patience this galaxy shows many details, this place of observation was Bortle 3/9 and maximum 21.3 SQM

    Best Regards.


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