Io Transit-8-Jan-2014 & 9-Jan-2014

Io’s transit of Jupiter

Io Transit-8-Jan-2014 & 9-Jan-2014
Io Transit-8-Jan-2014 & 9-Jan-2014

This was my first time seeing a transit in the Jovian system….
The bands came a little tilted in the first sketch due to change in observing orientation…..

Location: Bangalore, India.
Date: 8-Jan-2014
Time: ~11:40PM…
Media: HB Graphite pencil(Click pencil), Eraser.
Instrument: 130mm f-6.9 Newtonian.



2 thoughts on “Io’s transit of Jupiter”

  1. Santhosh,

    Very nice, Io and its shadow together near the end of the sequence.

    Frank 🙂

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