NGC 2477

NGC 2477 – Open Cluster in Puppis

NGC 2477
NGC 2477

Object Name: NGC 2477

Location: RA: 07h 52m 09.8s; Dec: -38° 32′ 00″

Magnitude: 5.8

Dimensions: 27′

Constellation: Puppis

Type: Open Cluster

Observing location: Pueblonuevo de Bullaque, Ciudad Real

Date: February 22, 2014.

Time: 22:15 T.U.

Material Used: Graphite pencil on white paper. Reversed Image processed with Photoshop.

Celestron Telescope S / C 8 “Mount CGT-5

Eyepiece: Hyperion Aspheric 31mm.

Magnification: 65x.

Condition: NEML: 5.75 (Zone 4 Gemini); Temperature: 1°C; Humidity: 87%

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7 thoughts on “NGC 2477 – Open Cluster in Puppis”

  1. What such acurate sketching !
    It’s very difficult to tender an open cluster so nice.

  2. Very nice sketch of an open cluster. I like the way you captured the “haze” within the cluster and around the stars.

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