Orion Nebula

Messier 42 and 43
Messier 42 and 43

Hi Asod! This is the Orion Nebula and M43, sketched by me with my Dobsonian Telescope f/5 10”. I think M42 is the most beautiful object of our sky, i cried when I saw it the first time. So I decided to sketch it; I spent 45 minutes and I used black pencil on White paper, then the sketch was inverted and elaborated at computer. I hope you enjoy it!

Object name: M42 & M43
Object type: Nebula
Location: Copertino (LE), Italy
Date: 2-3-2014, 20:10
Media: Black pencil on white paper, inverted and elaborated at computer

3 thoughts on “Orion Nebula”

  1. Hi Massimiliano, I was also very impressed when I saw first time this nebula. There is quite no winter sky observation I miss watching it.

    Very nice representation, I recognized it at a glance, before reading the title. Good job.

    Did you use a OIII filter ?

    Cleer sky to all.

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