Crater Agrippa

Crater Agrippa - February 6, 2014
Crater Agrippa – February 6, 2014

Hello friends artists,all ok?

after many days of bad weather,yesterday i have clear sky(only some
little clouds).The Moon was at zenith over my roof at first
quarter,behind my home Orion giant,Jupiter near zenith.
Clear starry sky and good air are good after work day….
I mounted my refractor Vixen 90/1300 on terrace and i take my eyepiece
12,4mm erfle,the image was steady and i decide for 12,4 plus barlow for
much magnification…..and,after,i decide to take my 3mm planetary.
At first the image was steady but, after 30′ turbulence and clouds
disturbe the clear and steady Moon ……i stopped my sketch……
Well,good night for me!!
I sent to ASOD and i hope like you.
Ciao a tutti!!

Site: Pergola,Marche Region.
Date: 06 of February 2014
Moon: Crescent(7 days after new)
Telescope:Refractor Vixen 90 / 1300
Magnification: 433x
Eyepiece: 3mm planetary
Seeing:Not good,turbulence at the end.

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  1. Thank you at all for your compliments! Unfortunately the bad seeing stopped my sketch….i hope nextly with good condition for new work with more details!
    Grazie a tutti amici!!

  2. Giorgio,

    This is one of your very finest captures of a notable crater with an excellent 3D effect. It lifts off the page.

    Frank 🙂

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