Ghost of California

NGC1499 - California Nebula
NGC1499 – California Nebula

Object Name California Nebula in Perseus – NGC1499
Object Type emission nebula
Location Budy Dłutowskie – small village in central Poland
Date 04.10.2013
Media graphite pencil, white paper, color invert
Telescope Sky Watcher refractor 120/600 + GSO 30mm + TS H-Beta
Seeing 3/5 (medium)
Transparency 3/5 (medium)
NELM 5,5 mag

I heard that this object is extremely hard to observe (in visual, of course). That’s why i decided to try 🙂 I bought TS H-Beta filter which is essential during observations of this faint object.

And I can say, with this filter, nebula is quite easy and obvious to observe. It looks like delicate fog.
But you need rich-field telescope to catch it fully in one FOV – to be precise, minimum 3,5 degree of FOV is necessary. And of course H-beta filter, because without it you will see nothing.

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  1. One of my pending objects to see. Your sketch will help to me the next time I’ll try to observe this nebula. Congratulations Lukasz, well done!

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