NGC 3372 and NGC 3293

Great Nebula in Carina

NGC 3372 and NGC 3293
NGC 3372 and NGC 3293

Object name: NGC 3372 and NGC 3293
Object type: Emission nebula and open cluster
Location: Bogotá, Colombia
Date: January 04, 2014
Media: Digital sketch with adobe photoshop CS2, based on a graphite pencil sketch
Equipment: Celestron astromaster 130EQ, 25mm and 10mm eyepieces

Seeing conditions: moonless, transparency 2/3, Antoniadi III, Bortle 8.

Hello all,

At the end of 2013 I had the opportunity to look once again to a clear southern sky so I decided to go for it in the first days of January. On the early morning of January 4th I went to the whole nebula, this time, through my telescope view.

It was just an amazing view that I could only sketch approximately 80% of the stars I could resolved. I am just concern about the star Eta Carinae: all the information I got about it says that it is a blue variable giant. I´m not sure why is classified like that, if in true it looks like a red giant.

Hope you know the answer.

I have the whole entry (original sketches too) of this observation in my blog.
If eventually you want to see it, here is the adrees:

Thanks to all for watching!!!


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