A Glorious Supernova

Messier 82 and SN2014J – January 23, 2014
Messier 82 and SN2014J – January 23, 2014

Hi All, here is my sketch of M82 with the glorious Supernova, such a privilege to be able to see such amazing happenings in the universe from ones own garden 🙂

My estimate of current magnitude is Mag 11 to 11.5 using local stars as known reference.

I hope that you get to see it soon too, if you haven’t seen it already.

Good Night, Dale

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7 thoughts on “A Glorious Supernova”

  1. I don’t know what is more impressive, the Supernova or your drawing. What envy to see in this way M82 through the telescope. Congratulations Dale. 🙂

  2. Dale,

    I was hoping to see this wonderful sketch here.
    An active star making galaxy with a supernova. What more could we want?
    Fantastic sketch.

    Frank 🙂

  3. Almach and Frank thank you so much for your flattering comments, I’m privileged to have my sketch selected and presented here 🙂
    This kind of unexpected event adds extra excitement to our share passion. The discovery was made only 35 miles from my home at the University College London observatory at Mill Hill, and observatory I know well 🙂 I hope many more sketchers will get to see the SN and record it for themselves.

    Carpe Noctrum, Dale UK

  4. Lovely Dale, nice sketch, indeed this is very exciting !
    I made already 3 sketches and 8 magn estimation, more info through my site under Aquarellia.

  5. Dear Aquarellia, I do visit your site and I find your watercolour work to be greatly inspirational. Thank you for your kind comment on my M82 SN2014J sketch 🙂

    Dale UK

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