Meeting with a Green Comet

C2013/R1 (Lovejoy) - December 2, 2013
C2013/R1 (Lovejoy) – December 2, 2013


In attachment you can find sketch of comet C2013/R1 Lovejoy

Short description:

Object Name C2013/R1 Lovejoy
Object Type comet
Location Budy Dłutowskie – small village in central Poland
Date 02.12.2013
Media graphite pencil, white paper, color invert
Telescope Sky Watcher refractor 120/600 + Meade 8,8mm + Lumicon Swan Band
Seeing 2/5 (good)
Transparency 2/5 (good)
NELM 5,4 mag

We don’t have so many good weather in Poland last weeks. So when I realised that night from 2nd to 3rd of December will be good I decided to wake up early morning to observe comet C2013/R1 Lovejoy. And it was really good observation night. Comet looks great. It is visible even with naked eye. When you use binocular, you can observe really condensed core with delicate tail. With “stronger” telescope you can see the green colour of the comet and bigger part of really long tail.

I used SW 120/600 refracotr with special comet filter Lumicon Swan Band mounted on Meade UWA 8,8mm eyepiece. It is really good filter designed to see details in gasous comets even in weak sky conditions. When you use this filter sky background is really dark and comet shine stongly with high contrast. It is also possible to see delicate structures inside the tail (close to head).

If you dudn’t see this comet, you must try it. It is really worth to observe.

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