Venus - August 3, 2013

Venus – August 8, 2013

Venus - August 3, 2013
Venus – August 3, 2013

Hello all sketchers,
here is my sketch of very nice planet actual on the evening sky – Venus.
Last Saturday was very inspirating for me, so I decided to observe Venus in the evening. Seeing was not very good – 5/10 and it was windy. But i saw some atmospheric detail on Venus how you can see. It was very dificult but I made it!
I used my 8″ dobson with magnifications 150x and 200x and Celestron planetary filter – #15 (yellow).
At first I used OIII Astronomik filter but Venus was not so bright and filter killed all details …

Let’s check the sketch and write your opinion =))

Tom Perdoch
Hlucin (Czech republic)
20.20-20.30 CEST
Dobsonian 200/1200mm
8mm Hyperion (150x), 6mm Omegon LE (200x)
Celestron #15
Seeing: 5/10. Windy.

Clear sky guys =))

One thought on “Venus – August 8, 2013”

  1. Tom,

    Very nice observational sketch. The cloudtops of Venus yield detail to the patient observer.

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