In the Vicinity of Belkovich Crater

Vicinity of Belkovich Crater
Vicinity of Belkovich Crater

One clear winter night , I observed / sketched the hills, mountains with smooth out-lines on the lunar horizon that looks like one of that of the [Chile] Andes mountains of our own globe earth.

With no black ink totch on, instead I rubbed sky-blue pastel color on the background sky. ……….

A nearest alien Place swimming across in cosmos … Nobody stepped , breathed for billion years…

Unfortunately, the original 45×28 cm sketch,s left and upside cut down -out as a A4 size in my home scanner.

span on the lunar limb ; 70 km (cutted from 100km)

8″ refractor x500- 950 (high power observing)

aimed place; maybe Belkovich crater or environs

graphite pencils on a paper

date ; 9th, JAN 2012

seeing ; trembling but clear

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