A Pile of Shimmering Diamonds

NGC 6266 (M-62)
Globular Cluster
41cm f4.7 Dobsonian telescope
Ilford NSW Australia
Field: 31′
Magnification: 159x
Sky Quality Meter reading: 21:15

Black Canford paper
White pen
White pencil

This Globular Cluster was very pretty at fairly low magnification, some
nice stars are scattered throughout the 31′ field

Scott Mellish

The Moon and Venus in Front of My Home

Subject: Crescent Moon and Venus in front of my home

Hi Artists,all o.k.?O.k. for me at moment.This spring is very strange,in this moment cold and clouds and rain….i’m without words.
I sent my last sketch of great vision:Crescent Moon and Venus at sunset,made with my little bino 10×50 on trypod.
I am return from work and i see that beautyfull vision on clear blu sky.The seeing was perfect,very clear and on terrace of my room i mounted my trypod and my bino.
i made very quyckly this sketch and i stay ubeliever about the shadow of Moon,i don’t see one like that! Very clear,i can see the clear and the dark zones….incredible!
Under the Moon you can see the top of cypress of the hill folded by the wind.
At next and clear sky….i hope!

Site:Pergola,Marche Region,Center Italy.
Date:14 June 2010 10 p.m. Local time.
Instrument:Bino 10×50 on trypod
Technics:White pastel and pen on azure paper.

47 Tucanae

NGC 104/47 Tucanae
NGC 104 / 47 Tucanae
Sketch and Details by Scott Mellish

NGC 104/ 47 Tucanae
Globular Cluster
Ilford NSW Australia
56cm f5 Dobsonian Telescope
Field: 17′
Magnification: 354x
Sky Quality Meter reading: 21:78

White pen
Soft white pencil
Hard white pencil
White pastel chalk

I have made numerous attempts at sketching this remarkable globular cluster over the years, mostly in small telescopes at low power where it is just a bright ball. At higher magnification in my 56cm dob it is a vastly different object.

I had a dose of the Flu while I was away observing, but the sky was clear so I spent a solid two hours at the eyepiece sketching this globular, and it nearly done my head in. Every time I looked in the 8mm Ethos there seemed to be more and more stars to add, plus the 100deg FOV of this eyepiece was almost to much to handle.

The following night was clear again so I spent another 40mins just dabbling with the sketch to try and get as accurate eyepiece view as possible.

I have never been 100% satisfied with the sketches I have done previously of NGC 104 and most made the bin. This one however came out fairly good, it is certainly the best I could do with 47 Tuc.

I do not like to overdo eyepiece sketches, especially with size and brightness as one can be tempted to get a bit carried away, and detract from the visual perspective.

There has been no processing done with the sketch.

I do not think I will be doing NGC 104 again any time soon.
Too many stars!

Scott Mellish.

Splendid Conjunction


Last Conjunction of 2008, December 31st
Sketch and Details by Giorgio Bonacorsi

Hi Astronomy Sketchers! All o.k.? I’m o.k.,before great Christmas dinner.The weather was bad for two week,i’m depressed,i don’t have chance to observe last conjunction of 2008. But the 31 december…..the miracle! The sky was clear and blue, i observe the Moon at 4,00 p.m. with my bino 10×50 and i see the bright point of Venus ! Wonderfull vision! I take my 80mm refractor and made Moon’s sketch at 47x, before i made one sketch of Venus with orange filter. I can see,in very low position, Jupiter and Mercury and made that panoramic sketch with my eyes, just in time. The clouds cover the sky in few secods and stay today up my head!
Thankyou for all.I hope like you my sketch.
At next,Giorgio Bonacorsi.

Site:Pergola,Marche Region,Center Italy,31 December 2008
Time:5,30 p.m.
Instrument:naked eyes

One Slim Sickle of Moon

Slim Moon

Slim Crescent Moon in a Twilight Sky
Sketch and Details by Giorgio Bonacorsi

Hi Astronomy sketchers,how are you? I made this sketch one month later, the Moon was beautiful at sunset, i mount quickly my refractor of 80mm and i stay enchanted at that vision. Is the first time which made a sketch of the Moon in this phase.
I made this sketch with white pen on blue paper directly from eyepiece of telescope.
At next,clear sky and good sketches to all.

Site:Pergola,Marche,Center Italy.
Date:6 of May 2008.
Hour:8,41 p.m.
Instrument:Refractor Kenko 80mm,1000mm focal lenght.
Eyepiece:Hortoscopic Tele Vue 21mm.
Seeing: Good,no wind.

Giorgio Bonacorsi