Sirsalis and Damoiseau

Sirsalis and Damoiseau Region

Sirsalis and Damoiseau Region
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I submit a lunar sketch of the Sirsalis & Damoiseau region bordering Oceanus Procellarum at the western region of the Moon created almost a year ago. What a wonderful area to explore with interesting concentric craters of Damoiseau & the double crater of Sirsalis at this angle of light. Unseen Grimaldi lies in the darkness to the west.

Object: Lunar craters Sirsalis & Damoiseau @ ~13 days lunation
Telescope: 12.5” Portaball 9mm Nagler 169X
Location: Maui Hawaii, 4000 ft elevation
Date: 2/4/12 7:45pm
Medium: Black art paper, white & black charcoal

Thia (Cindy) Krach

4 thoughts on “Sirsalis and Damoiseau”

  1. Cindy,

    A beautiful lunar sketch. Makes me feel great to see the moon captured up close by you with white pastel on black paper. Excellemt.

    Frank 🙂

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