Messier 16

The Eagle Has Landed

Messier 16
Messier 16 - The Eagle Nebula

Hi all,

HOORAY! A clear dark sky!

This was my first visit to Wiruna, the dark sky site of the Astronomical Society of New South Wales (many thanks to Alex Comino for organizing my stay there ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). This was the stomping ground of Scott Mellish, and it was such a great experience to meet some of his friends up there. He is so sorely missed.

Conditions started marvelously. Using my 17.5โ€ dob, my first squiz of M16, had me gasping โ€œThere it is! Thereโ€™s the Eagle!โ€ So clear was the dark pillar system. So much so that I could also make out the distinct highlighted leading edge of the pillars! Even with an OIII filter! So cool!

This sketch of the Eagle took around two hours to complete.

It was also my first use of another treasure of an eyepiece, a Unitron 16mm Konig eyepiece. What a marvelous eyepiece! Not as long in eyerelief as newer eyepieces, but the image is one of the brightest Iโ€™ve seen, and easily has a 70* FOV.

Object: M16, The Eagle Nebula

Scope: 17.5โ€ f/4.5 dob, push pull

Gear: Unitron 16mm Konig, 125X, + OIII filter, 33.6โ€™ AFOV

Date: 2โ€™nd June, 2011

Location: Wiruna, Ilford, Australia

Materials: White pastel, black & white charcoal pencils and white ink on A4 size black paper


Alex M.

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