Galactic Windmill


M101, The Pinwheel Galaxy in Ursa Major
Sketch and Details by Janusz Krysiak

Object Name:M 101
Object Type:Galaxy

medium: pencil, white paper
equipment: Newton 300/1500
magnification: 68x


The building which has absorbed most of my time, many observations have
enabled me to draw some conclusions. First of all, the best results
achieved when the galaxy was very high. My requests generally
poorly-visible, the middle of the oval and a little brighter, you can
see two “weak points of light” near each other in the vicinity of the
center, I recommend a look around the chief field of view, found three
“weak points of light” to show the galaxy frame, after a long
observation draws M 101 is a painting, sketch shows roughly what I saw
and I must say that gave me a lot of satisfaction.

Janusz Krysiak

One thought on “Galactic Windmill”

  1. Janusz,

    Very nice, it does not take very much sky brightness to make this beautiful spiral disappear into the sky background. You were rewarded by staying with this observation.

    Frank 🙂

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