Sirsalis & Damoiseau Craters

Sirsalis & Damoiseau Craters
Sirsalis & Damoiseau Craters


I submit my most recent lunar sketch of Sirsalis & Damoiseau Craters at the western limb of the moon. What a wonderful area to explore with interesting concentric craters of Damoiseau & the double crater of Sirsalis at this angle of light. Unseen Grimaldi is in the darkness to the west.

Object: Lunar craters Sirsalis & Damoiseau @ ~13 days lunation
Telescope: 12.5” Portaball 9mm Nagler 169X
Location: Maui Hawaii, 4000 ft elevation
Date: 2/4/12 7:45pm
Medium: Black art paper, white & black charcoal

Thia Krach

6 thoughts on “Sirsalis & Damoiseau Craters”

  1. Thia Krach,

    You have an excellent moonsketch today on ASOD!
    Very fine craters on terminator and all.
    Like Frank, you have also “the moon in Your hand”!!


  2. Cindy,

    I would never tire of looking at this beautiful capture.
    It is bold and beautiful. It captures the true high power view of this region of Moonscape at sunrise.

    Frank 🙂

  3. Thanks Per-Jonny, Frank, & John,

    This sketch is from 2012 but I agree I never tire of looking at this area of the Moon. A very foreign landscape.


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