A Small Compilation of Asterisms


Dear ASOD!

I made a small compilation for some asterisms. These are not popular objects, and few amateur astronomers watching these group of stars. I think, you find very pretty star clusters in these catalogs: Alessi, Teutsch, O’Neal, Harrington, Slotegraaf, Ferrero, Markov, Streicher, ESO etc. You can see a lot of binoculars, and small telescope. I used this telescopes: 15X70 binoculars, 130/650 Newtonian reflector.

The objects you find here on sky:

1 – 03h28m -35°50′ (Fornax)
2 – 21h22m +02°55′ (Equuleus)
3 – 05h02m -31°36′ (Caelum)
4 – 02h29m +29°46′ (Triangulum)
5 – 05h39m -17°50′ (Lepus)
6 – 10h50m -09°55′ (Sextans)
7 – 08h23m +21°50′ (Cancer)
8 – 12h36m -12°05′ (Corvus) “Stargate cluster”
9 – 12h21m -29°00′ (Hydra)

I hope you like these some inserts of my drawings. This is a very interesting and exciting observation project. I wish to clear skies! 🙂

Viktor (from Hungary)

5 thoughts on “A Small Compilation of Asterisms”

  1. Viktor,

    This is a great collection. I recognize only four of these. I’ll need to track down the others. Nice post and fine sketching.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Interesting images of Asterisms. You could take a look at one that I have found at RA 18 13 35 Dec -18 48 in the Messier 24 Star Cloud and close to the Dark Nebula Barnard 92. You could call it “Wilds 1” after me, but I call it the “Dragon’s Tail!” It is actually a double Star Chain and quite beautiful when viewed in my 30 minute Image Intensified CCD view with stars to beyond 15th magnitude in just 0.15 seconds of 5 stacked images for less noise. I could send you the jpg if requested from Richard

  3. Viktor,

    Excellent group of asterisms. Looking forward to observing them.


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