A Beautiful Pair in Virgo

NGC 4527, NGC 4533 and NGC 4536
NGC 4527, NGC 4533 and NGC 4536

Object Name: NGC 4527, NGC 4533 and NGC 4536.
Location: Doyle, Bs. As., Argentina. Star party!
Date: 14/03/2015. 1 AM.
Conditions: Very good transparency, bad seeing. Rural sky.
Media: 2B, HB, 2H, blend stump and PS for color.
Telescope: Meade LB 12″ on equatorial tracking platform.
Eyepiece: ES 24mm 68º, BST 18mm 60º and TMB II 6mm 60º (for NGC 4533).

Hi ASOD! Here’s my sketch of this stunning pair (or trio) of galaxies located in the constellation of Virgo. I stumbled across these galaxies by mistake when I was searching the quasar 3c 273, lucky me!

Best regards, Leo.

5 thoughts on “A Beautiful Pair in Virgo”

  1. Leo,

    Terrific sketch! I like the fine details in your galaxies, you can see the spiral arms in the top one clearly. Its always fun to stumble on interesting objects at the eyepiece!


  2. Leo,

    Yet another wonderful sketch posted by you here at ASOD.
    Three galaxies in one sketch from the Virgo cluster.


  3. Thank you all for your kinds words!

    It was one of the best nights I ever had. Very windy but such transparency, that night I had the opportunity to observe objects such as The Horsehead Nebula, Thor’s Helmet, Cat’s Paw Nebula, Running Chicken Nebula, The Jellyfish or galaxies (or cluster of galaxies) down to +14 magnitude in my 12″ dobson.

    Here’s a photo of my equipment at the star party. Im behind the dobson :).



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