Capuanus Crater and Lacus Timoris

Lunar crater Capuanus on the shores of the Lake of Fear - December 1, 2014
Lunar crater Capuanus on the shores of the Lake of Fear – December 1, 2014


I have been lucky enough to have clear skies the past 3 nights and took advantage of sketching some feature of the Moon every night. On 12/1/14 my eye rested upon the partly eroded walls of Capuanus Crater and the surrounding region north of Palus Epidemiarum. At the time of the observation the 60 km wide crater cast a deep shadow to the west and over a rim of rock placing it partially in shadow. Smaller Elger Crater is visible just to the west of the rim of Capuanus just beyond the shadows. A multitude of smaller more complex appearing craters border the southern edge of Capuanus. The small mare of Lacus Timoris (Lake of Fear) can be seen to the south near the terminator.

Cindy (Thia) Krach

Capuanus Crater 10 day lunation
2130-2245 HST
12.5โ€ Portaball, 6.7mm 227x
Maui, Hawaii
Black Fabriano Paper 6โ€x 6โ€
white & black Conteโ€™ Crayons

8 thoughts on “Capuanus Crater and Lacus Timoris”

  1. Hello Cindy,

    A beautiful and impressive capture of crater Capuanus and surroundings.
    Your mastery of this media is impressive. All your sketching is top notch.

    Frank ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thanks so much Frank.

    Still so much to learn but lots of excellent teachers to learn from (like you,)! ๐Ÿ˜บ


  3. Fabulous sketch Cindy.

    I really like this technique. You’re making especially good use of the paper’s texture.


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