The Pipe Nebula

The Pipe Nebula

The Pipe Nebula
The Pipe Nebula


For the first time I send you one of my sketches. I sketched the Pipe Nebula a month ago at Hakos Guestfarm / Namibia. It’s the first finished of about 20 sketches I did during 6 nights.

Object Name: Pipe Nebula (made of lots of Barnard Dark Nebulae)
Object type: Dark Nebula
Location: Hakos Guestfarm, Namib Naukluft, Namibia
Date: June 2nd and 3rd, 2014 (two nights, about 4 hours total of sketching while nebula passed zenith)
Media: Pastel and graphite pencils
Optics: Fujinon 25×150 Binoculars

Additional aspects:
Field is about 7 degrees wide.To concentrate on object (and not on dimensions) I used a pattern of stars printed from Guide 9. Sketch is processed with Photshop to change appearance from Grey/White to Black/Grey. Pinpoint stars and Globular Clusters added by Photoshop (to replace printed and sketched stars)

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  1. Wow it is a fabulous job. I can not imagine how it is done. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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