Hickson 68

Hickson 68

Hickson 68
Hickson 68


on the night of 07th on the 08th May, I had good conditions: no wind, warm temperatures (about 14°C) and clear sky.

So I observed the area between Bootes and Ursa Major till midnight. After lot of nice galaxies I steered my telescope to Hickson 68.
The Galaxies around NGC 5350 in the vicinity of a pretty yellow and blue double star are a great few. Only the faintest galaxy NGC 5358 was imperceptible. After 20 minutes I had placed the stars and the galaxies NGC 5350, 5353, 5354, 5355 on my sketchpad.

It was one of the nights where I enjoy working with the Deep Sky observers Atlas by Gerhard Stropek. I traveled from galaxy to galaxy and simply enjoyed the light of the stars.

And so I hope that you like my sketch.

CS Uwe

Location: Germany near Tauberbischofsheim
Telescope: 10″ ACF on Vixen SXD
Eyepiece: 22mm Nagler
Sketch: pencil on white paper inverted colours

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  1. Hallo Uwe,

    wonderful rendering.
    Good to know there are still clear conditions in Germany.

    Viele Grüße / Best,

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