Funny Cluster

NGC 884 and NGC 869 (Chichoty)
NGC 884 and NGC 869 (Chichoty)

It has many names “hi X Persei” , “double cluster” , NGC 884 and NGC 869, Caldwell 14 ..
In Poland we used to give a lot of funny names of astronomical objects 🙂
The Polish, word “chichoty” (in translation: “giggles”) is phonetically similar to the name (“chi ha”)

I think everyone knows it. Sometimes inexperienced obserers at the sky-party ask me what’s the white cloud in the north?. When I say “giggles” people always begin to laugh 🙂

This name usually evokes positive emotions, and sometimes “real giggling” especially in children! 🙂

NGC 884 and NGC 869,…. they are really beautiful to observe with the naked eye. Captivate to observe in the binoculars. Bat It shows the true incredible face in large aperture of telescope, under the dark sky. Beautiful, classic, clusters. I love especially the left (below), NGC 869 (in the image of Newton).
What can I say – it is a wonderful !!!

Sketch is actually a compilation of 30 minutes of staring into the clusters.

Yours Robert

Sketch details:
Object Name: double cluster (Funny Cluster 🙂 )
Object Type: Open cluster
Location: Poland, Oborniki
Date: 6-11-2012
Equipment: Newtonian telescope 409/1800 (Capella 41), 40 and 22 mm eyepieces
Object: – Artist: Robert Twarogal (Ignisdei)

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