Messier 92

Messier 92

Messier 92
Messier 92

I am sending my sketch of M92
It is grateful to the object of observation. This globular cluster of stars located in the constellation Hercules, and certainly is one of my favorite subjects. In my 8 “Newtonian perfectly see individual stars of this cluster.
In the winter when it’s cold, I like to get into the warm memories of warm summer nights spent under the starry sky.
Thank you very much and best regards šŸ™‚

Object name: M92
Object Type: Globular cluster of stars
Location: Psary in Poland
Telescope: Newton 8 “

5 thoughts on “Messier 92”

  1. Hi Daniel,

    that is an awesome sketch! Congratulations to that wonderful work.


  2. Like Mike I’m also a fan of globular clusters and I really enjoyed viewing your sketch of M92. Great job!

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