NGC 4889

NGC 4889 and Vicinity

NGC 4889
NGC 4889

Object Name NGC 4889 (=Caldwell 35) and vicinity
Object Type Galaxy (brightest in galaxy cluster)
Location Scheidegg, Bavaria, Germany
Date March 26th, 2012
Media Graphite pencil on white paper using blending stump, digitally inverted

NGC 4889 is the brightest galaxy in the Coma cluster. The view one gets in a larger telescope (I used an 18″ f/5 Dobsonian) is stunning. At least a dozen galaxies could be seen definitely, several more were assumed. The field almost showed as many galaxies as stars. NGC 4889 itself is pretty bright with a significantly brighter nucleus, slightly elongated in WNW-ESE. Sky conditions were good but not perfect, I logged a faintest star of fst 6m4 in Virgo. The magnification of the sketch is 94x. Beside the observation the identification of all seen galaxies was quite demanding. Hopefully, they are all correct.

Best regards,
Christian Weis

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