Crescent Moon on International Observe the Moon Night

Crescent Moon on International Observe the Moon Night


Another watercolour I did during the InOMN event (International Observation of the Moon Night) but… during the daylight.

Object Name (2012 September 22 Moon)
Object Type (Daylight Moon)
Location (Néoules Provence France)
Date (2012 September 22 – 16hoo Local Time)
Media (graphite pencil for the moon, watercolour for the landscape)

We organize a special event for the InOMN (International Observation of the Moon Night).

21 of us attended this pleasant event organized by the local club “Polaris83″. We used 7 miscellaneous telescopes during the event.

I made two separate sketches, one with standard graphite pencil for the moon, the second one is a common watercolour I did of the local wild landscape. I scanned both paper and compile them together.

I used my 1000/102 Bresser refractor with a 40mm eyepiece to get a good contrast facing the bright background sky.

The compilation was done with the freeware software : Paint.Net

Conditions were perfect, the sun was hot here… !

Clear sky to you all
Michel Deconinck