Propeller in M13

Messier 13 - Acrylic Rendering
Messier 13 - Acrylic Rendering
Messier 13 - Graphite Sketch
Messier 13 - Graphite Sketch

I saw the ‘Propeller’ in M13 under a good seeing condition.


Equipment : Discovery 15″
Media : Sharp pencil
Location : Inje, S.Korea

After few days, I went to the national art gallery to see monochrome paintings.

Suddenly an inspiration flashed through my mind.

And I drew the M13 with acrylic & brush.

I love this tough painting than detailed sketch!

Nightwid 無雲

2 thoughts on “Propeller in M13”

  1. I like both of them.
    Using paint is beyond what I have courage to attempt.
    Well done.

    Frank 🙂

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