The Flight of the Butterfly

Messier 6
Messier 6

Hello Day July 14th I made a sketch of m6 and I liked it very much.
Please feel free to spread this beautiful object of the Southern Hemisphere

Object name: M6/ NGC6405 – Butterfly cluster
Object type: open cluster in Scorpius
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Media: Graphite pencil

This sketch was done by looking through a telescope M6 90mm Skywatcher Maksutov. I used a 40mm eyepiece superploss, totaling 31.25 x magnification and a diagonal of 1.25 inches dieletric WO.
The paper used was canson 200g/m2 in the cream and the eye region was reversed using the GIMP software.
I used pencils from HB to 8B Steadtler Lumograph Mars.
Clear, 9 ° C, wind o.3km / h harmed by seeing a fine mist that was intensifying.
M6, in dark places, it is easily seen with the naked eye like a smudge in the sky, next to M7. With a 10×50 binoculars, both m6 and m7 are visible.

Other drawings are on my blog:

cordial greetings

Guilherme de Andrade

2 thoughts on “The Flight of the Butterfly”

  1. Isso aí, representando o Brasil! Parabéns pelo desenho, logo publicam um meu de Omega Nebula.

    That’s it, another Brazilian sketch! Congratulations on it, I hope they show my Omega Nebula soon.

  2. Obrigado, Rodrigo. vamos nos encontrar para fazer uns desenhos.

    Thank you Rodrigo.
    Thank you ASOD.

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