Sunspots - July 7, 2012

Sunspots in the heat

Sunspots - July 7, 2012
Sunspots - July 7, 2012

Dear Asod,

Please find attached my sketch about the Sun and the sunspots. This sketch has been made in Polaris observatory, Budapest, with the big 200/2470 refractor. This telescope has an awesome optic it shows the sunspots unbelievably detailed and beautiful. I used a 25 mm eyepiece.

That day it was 38 degrees in Celsius in Hungary, but on the other hand the seeing was great.

Date: 7th July 2012
Time: UT 12:30
Place: Budapest, Hungary
Equipment used: 200/2470, 89x
I used graphite pencils on white paper.


dr. Hannák Judit

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