Mare Imbrium

Mare Imbrium

Mare Imbrium
Mare Imbrium

I ‘m relatively new to astro sketching, actually this is my second serious attempt.
Pictured is Mare Imbrium in the middle, with large craters from north to south: Plato, Archimedes and Eratosthenes. I ‘m really starting to love this area.

The drawing was made with pastel crayons on white paper, directly behind a WO Megrez 80 II FD, 123x magnification. Hope you like it!

Erik van Woerkens, from Belgium.

3 thoughts on “Mare Imbrium”

  1. For a second serious attempt!!!! Wow! what a wonderful result, Erik.

    Keep up the work.


  2. Erik,

    A very nice impression of what is also one of my favourite areas of the moon. Thanks for sharing.


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