Messier 65 and 66

Messier 65 and 66

Messier 65 and 66
Messier 65 and 66

Hey Artists!

My sketch shows two Messier galaxies in the ocularfield, M. 65 and M. 66 in Leo
in the middle distance between Theta and Iota Leonis.
I did not get a trio with the northern galaxy, because of my smaller field in my
f/ 10 telescope. But the pair was beautiful to observe under good atmospheric
In the last years, I can see that the weather and skyconditions gets worse and
worse. When its clear sky and cold, the sky turns grey and with turbulences.
What is happening??
More info on my sketch.
I used pencil on white paper on my sketch and inverted .
Location: Trondheim, Norway.

Clear sky to all. Per-Jonny Bremseth.

Many thanks for comments!!

3 thoughts on “Messier 65 and 66”

  1. Great worck Per! I like the Leo triplet,isee bautyfull vision with my bino 25×100.

  2. Nice sketch!
    For the light polution you can’t compare on the globe at night site, Throndheim si not yet referenced.
    Some job for you.
    Friendly hours

  3. Per-Jonny,

    A fine sketch of the two galaxies. I am always happy to have a night transparent enough to see the triplet.

    Frank 🙂

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