Messier 36

Rediscovery of M36

Messier 36
Messier 36

M36 (OC in Auriga)
Location : Ulsan, South Korea
Date : Jan/24/2012 (1hr)
Media : White paper, Sharp pencil (0.7mm, 0.5mm)
Equipment : Discovery 15″ Dob, Pentax XL 14mm

M36 is a small and sparse open cluster..
But, M36 has Sagittarius in the inside of cluster!

Please check the below link.

Nightwid 無雲

2 thoughts on “Rediscovery of M36”

  1. I’d not noticed the mini-sagitarius before. But, I looked back at one of my sketches and, sure enough, it’s there. Thanks for pointing that out. It makes the object even more fun.

  2. Nightwid,

    That is a fine sketch of M36. I’ll need to go back on a clear sky night and have a look for myself.

    Frank 🙂

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