Messier 47 in Puppis

Messier 47
Messier 47

Hi friends!

Object name: Messier 47 ( M47)

Object type: Open Cluster

Location: São Paulo city, Brasil

Date: 04 Mar 12 ( 03/04/12) 03:00h UT

Media: graphite pencil, white paper, inverted colors in GIMP.

Equipament used: 90mm maksutov telescope, 40mm eyepiece superploss ( ~31x magnification).

High light pollution, 19°C, a few clouds in the sky.

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thanks! 🙂

Guilherme de Andrade

6 thoughts on “Messier 47 in Puppis”

  1. Great, man, I know how hard it is to observe something from São Paulo. Nice job!

    Boa, cara, eu sei como é difícil observar alguma coisa de São Paulo. Bom trabalho!

  2. Hi Guilherme,

    observing from a lighted city is a hard job. Your sketch is great and shows me an object that I will never be able to see.



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