Eskimo Nebula

NGC 2392
NGC 2392

-object name: NGC 2392 “the Eskimo Nebula”
-object type: Planetary Nebula
-Location: Downey, Ca., USA.
-date: 01/01/2012.
-media: 1st sketch ever. No. 2 pencil on white paper.
-used: 200mm f/4 Astro-Tech Newtonian and 5mm TeleVue Nagler Type 6. One of the best seeing conditions in Los Angeles in the past 2 or 3 months.

Alex Aguilera

6 thoughts on “Eskimo Nebula”

  1. Thank you Peter! I was so surprised and excited that I was able to pick up some details even here in the severely light polluted skies of LA!

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