Little Dumbbell in Perseus

Messier 76
Messier 76

· OBJECT NAME: M76 – planetary nebula in Perseus
· OBJECT TYPE: planetary nebula
· LOCATION: Jodłów – small village in southern Poland (picture made during StarParty Jodłów 2011)
· DATE: 30.09.2011
· MEDIA: graphite pencil, white paper, color invert
· TELESCOPE: Columbus 320UL (320/1384 Newtonian) + TV Ethos 8mm + Lumicon UHC 2”
· SEEING: 1/5 (very good)
· TRANSPARENCY: 2/5 (good)
· NELM: 6,4 mag

A very interesting and unusual Messier object. In large mirror (larger than 12”) under very dark sky, you can observe central dumbbell shape and outer “arcs” of nebulosity. Very spectacular object really worth to observe.

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3 thoughts on “Little Dumbbell in Perseus”

  1. very nice sketch Lukasz!! I see the same vision in my binocular 25×100..
    Happy New year,Giorgio Bonacorsi.

  2. Łukasz,

    This is a very fine little planetary in Perseus and does somewhat resemble M-27.
    Your sketch is a very fine one.

    Frank 🙂

  3. @astropig

    Thanks for comments 🙂


    Are you sure, you have the same view in your binocular 25×100??
    Because this object is very small (I observed it with 173x).
    I think you mistake it with M27…


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