Sunspots – September 24, 2011

Sunspots - September 24, 2011
Sunspots - September 24, 2011

Object name: Sunspots / Sun
Object Type: Sun
Location: Budapest, Hungary, Polaris observatory
Date: 24th September 2011. UT: 12:30-13:20
Media: Graphite pencil used on white paper
Equipment used: 200/2470 refractor, Fornax 51 (7 mm Planetary) – 352x

Dear Asod,

I would like to share my sketch about the sunspots in the group 11302. I have made this sketch with a 200/2470 refractor in Polaris Observatory Budapest. This is my first sketch with this fine details at such enlargement of the object.
Unfortunately the seeing was not the best, but still I always had 1-2 seconds when everything was clear so I could sketch what I see. It was exciting to see what fine details are visible within the umbra and not only in the penumbra.

dr. HannĂ¡k Judit

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