Lightning Moon

Object name and type: Moon
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Date: 8th March 2011
Media: Graphite pencil on white paper, Photoshop to invert.
Equipment used: 10×50 Scopium WA Binocular

The weather conditions were great, the Moon (at least a quarter of it :-)) was lighting outloud. It was beautiful and as this lightlyness was the most beautiful part of it I have tried to give it back on my graphic. Some of the craters were also visible with the binocular, especially the bigger ones between the dark and light border.

Dr. Hannák Judit

2 thoughts on “Lightning Moon”

  1. Hi Hannak,

    This sketch shows what I really like about binoculars- they are superb rich-field-telescopes. It would be very difficult to see the amount of Earthshine your sketch shows, through a more powerful and slower f/ratio scope.

    Your sketch nicely portrays this ghost-like effect.


    Alex M.

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