Treasures of a Lion

The Leo Triplet – three galaxies M65, M66, and the NGC 3628.
It is a small group of galaxies located about 35 million light years away from Earth

Apparent Magnitude of the members is from 9,3 -10,4mag

March 6, 2011- I saw them in SCT 11″ (power of about 70x), in the Swan 40mm, with field of view 72 degrees !
The NELM was about 5 mag, sky was very clear.
These objects like magnification, if we had used it, the Triplet would have shown us a lot of details.

Yours sincerely Robert

Object Name: The Leo Triplet
Object Type (galaxies)
Location (Oborniki, suburbia, Poland)
Date (06-03-2011)
Equipment: 11″ Schmidt ; Cassegrain on CGEM, WO SWAN 40mm
Autor: Ignisdei (Robert Twarogal)

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