Spots on the Sun

Hello artists, after bad weather condition, snow and grey cold sky, finally the hot of Sun! What care for my bones ! I take my bino 16×80 with astrosolar filters to check the Sun and i made one shout: WOW!!!!!! The big incredible spots on our star!!! Great show!
I take my refractor Kenko 80/1000 and made this sketch. The position is inverted because i have the prism.
I hope you like it.
Clear sky and good new skrtches at all great artists of ASOD
Ciaoooo!!!!!!!! Giorgio.

Site :Pergola,Marche Region,Center Italy
Date: 6 of March 2011
Time:11,47 a.m. local time
Instrument:Refractor Kenko 80 /1000
Eyepiece:21mm for total view,12,4mm erfle for pariculars of spots
Seeing:Perfect at first time,turbulence and wind at the end
Temperature:Cold light wind

2 thoughts on “Spots on the Sun”

  1. Giorgio,

    Superb detail on the sunspots. Thank you for posting these fine renderings.

    Frank 🙂

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