Celestial Bubbles

NGC 246 

NGC 246

The medium used: graphite pencil,

The equipment used: 8″ f/10 SCT. Eyepiece 4mm.

Date: 02-09-2000

Weather: very good conditions, clear and transparency.

Big nebula, faint, perfectly rounded and double.
Field rich in stars even inside the nebula, it looks like an open cluster
with surrounded nebula like a sly double Ring.


2 thoughts on “Celestial Bubbles”

  1. Hi Leonor,

    Very nice sketch from a while back of the great planetary in Cetus. I noted the nice hand writing and realized sadly I would not be able to read it. I am language limited.


  2. Hello Frank! this is one of my first star-notebook I made. Its full of descriptions, I have done a brief description of all because its too long and I do not know how to explain all of them in English, I wish to write better.. 🙁 Thanks a lot for your post!

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