The Mysterious Looming IC 342

Object: The mysterious, looming IC 342
Date: 2010. 11. 05./06.
UT.: 18h47m – 19h51m
Equipment: 305/1525 Dobsonian telescope
Mag.: 85x, 122x
FOV: 32’
S = 3 / 10 T = 4-5 / 5
Observer: János Gábor Kernya
Location: Sükösd, Hungary

5 thoughts on “The Mysterious Looming IC 342”

  1. Wow, Janos, what a stunning sketch you’ve presented!

    Such a marvelous, swirling, gently glowing spiral.


    Alex M.

  2. János

    Very nicely done.
    I sat for a moment wandering why I have never seen this one before.
    A quick check of My charts showed why- +68deg!

    Oh well, I will save it for that trip north one year.


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