A Near Full Moon Study

Hi all,

Tonight we had one of the clearest nights for a long time here in Sydney, and I wasn’t about to let a near full Moon spoil the occasion! So I pulled out my easy to set up 8” dob, and made this quick sketch over the next hour. Since this scope is an f/4, I used my 30 year old RKE eyepiece to give me the best low power image available to me. OH, how I love this eyepiece!

I even had a nice surprise too. For one very brief moment, a satellite crossed through my field of view. It’s happened many times to me, BUT this one happened across the disk of the Moon!! At first I thought it was a balloon, but then it occurred to me “since when does a balloon have spiky bits hanging off it?!!!”

Scope: 8” f/4 newtonian, dob mounted
Eyepiece: Edmund Scientific RKE 28mm, 29X
Filters: 2 polarizing filters
Media: China graph & graphite pencils on black paper.

Clear skies,

Alex M

4 thoughts on “A Near Full Moon Study”

  1. Alex,

    That is a wonderful sketch of a nearly full moon and it includes much fine detail in such a short sketching interval.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comments, everyone.

    This sketch continues to surprise me now with a little time between viewing. When I finished I was glad it was over as it was very intense the session. It made that I didn’t ‘see’ the details I thought I had laid down. A few days later, these ‘missing’ details started to reappear. A bit strange, maybe, but now I to am amazed at the finished sketch!

    Alex M.

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