Spectral Colors of the Hyades

# Object Name: The Hyades
# Object Type: Open Cluster
# Location: Barcelona (Spain)
# Date: 2010-11-05; 23h 30m U.T.
# Media: White paper, HB2 graphite pencil, scanned and colored with Photoshop
# Binoculars: 10×50 with tripod.
# Seeing: 4/5 (5= The best)
# Transparency: Clear. Moderate light pollution. Without Moon
# Constelation: Taurus
# Position: R.A.: 04h 26.9m / Dec: +15ΒΊ 52′


For beginners… and amateur or professional astronomers, the Hyades is an easy and amazing open cluster best viewed with 10×50 binoculars. The nigth of 5th November I enjoyed with the wide varity of spectral colors of the stars belong to this open cluster, so I used the Photohop in order to show these colors in my sketch.

Aldebaran, not a Hyades physical member, is a great esthetic plus.

For more information about the sketch you can visit my blog at:


Thank you and clear skies for all.


6 thoughts on “Spectral Colors of the Hyades”

  1. Oscar,

    Very colorful stars under that wide view! I’ve also checked your website and found out you have a most interesting and extended write up for this sketch.
    Thanks for sharing.


    Surprise Arizona USA

  2. Oscar,

    I like your hyades vision, a perfect binocular target, I also find very interesting the comments you do about in your blog.

    Un saludo,


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