NGC 6744

Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 6744 in Pavo

NGC 6744
NGC 6744
By Serge Vieillard

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My travels took me to Chili in 2010. Although the galaxies with which we are all familiar paraded at the zenith, I’m focusing mainly on those unknowns. However, I would remember this long and sumptuous Sombrero (NGC 4594) absorption band very finely serrated. I spent several nights trying to analyze NGC 6744, this large galaxy in the Peacock. We can see the huge thing, with arms complex, but extremely weak and diluted. The sketch is difficult to achieve. I added my print bit by bit on the sheet, but never quite sure of contours and exact proportions. But ultimately, the result is not totally meaningless.
16 inch telescope (T400-c) observation and sketch

Object: NGC 6744 face on barred spiral galaxy – Artist: Serge Vieillard – Sketch Date: Early in 2010

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