galaxy medley

A Medley of Spring Galaxies

galaxy medley
Spring Galaxies
Sketches and Details by Peter Mayhew

I offer you a medley of spring galaxies all observed using a 152mm f8 Dobsonian and 10mm e.p. from my home in York over the last two months. The choice illustrates variety of structure, brightness and features, from the massive comic powerhouse of M87, to the edge on mystery of NGC 3628, to the interacting duo of M51; the Black-eye, the Sombrero, the UFO, the Tiger’s Eye, and the irregular star-bursts of the Box; it’s all out there in the springtime. Enjoy!

NGC 2683, NGC 2841, M104, NGC 3628, M51, M66, M87, NGC 4449, M64

Media (graphite pencil on white pencil)

2 thoughts on “A Medley of Spring Galaxies”

  1. Peter,

    A beautiful collection of sketches. It is nice to see so many spring galaxies all at one time. Very enjoyable to see.

    Frank 🙂

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