Mars – January 30, 2010

Mars - January 30, 2010
Mars – January 30, 2010
Sketch and Details by Oscar Ll. (Almach)

Mars with a CAT 5″ (2010-1-30) – Sketch by Oscar Ll. (Nickname: almach)

This is an example of how we can see these days Mars with a 5? telescope.

The real sketch is at bottom beside the magnification (250x, near the
limits of my telescope). It was made quickly with Photoshop. And only
for the beginners? this is more or less the size and details that you
can expect observing Mars with an aperture of 5?.

At the center, and very big, my sketch with a simple pencil.

And at the top a symbolic picture do it with my DBK21AU04.AS.

Object Type: Planet
Location: Barcelona – Spain
Date and Time: 2010-01-30, 22h 31m UT
Telescope: SC Celestron Nexstar 5i (5″)
Eyepiece: 5mm (250x)
White paper, HB2 graphite pencil, and scanned with Photoshop
Seeing: 4/5 (5 the best)
Transparency: Some clouds. Moderate light pollution.
Location Constellation: Cancer

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