Unstable Spots

Mars - December 27, 2009
Mars – December 27, 2009
Sketch and Details by Ignisdei (Robert Twarogal)

Yesterday at 23.00 Mars was in a high altitude
The telescope was in the garden from the afternoon, so it was perfectly chilled.
Meade LB 305/1524 + Pentax XL 5.2 mm, it gave me the power 293x ..

That set proved to be insufficient, to trapping delicate and fragile spots on small disk. So, to make a greater detail I used Barlow 1.6x from Bino WO. It was already almost 469x.
But still the view was too bright. To increase contrast i used Orion Ultrablock.
Pentax XL is a great planetary glass. Wide field whit good correction, allowed me “to pass” the planet from the diaphragm to diaphragm a lot of times (You know – Dobson 🙂 )
What I saw was again alchemy of looking. Spots were unstable, as the atmosphere through I looked at it.
The first thing I could see (in Newton inverted view), was white polar caps on the bottom and eastern shore – shining bright!
The a dark spot on the pole, slowly narrowed towards the top in “s-shaped.” I am not 100% sure that I saw a dark “box” at the opposite side….
I apologise for my imagination 😉

Yours Robert

Object Name: Mars and unstable spots 🙂
Object Type Planets, Mars
Location (Oborniki, suburbia, Poland)

Date (27-12-2009)
Equipment: Meade LB12″ + Pentax XL 5,2mm, WO Barlow 1,6X

Autor: Ignisdei (Robert Twarogal)

5 thoughts on “Unstable Spots”

  1. Robert,

    Well done. It is difficult to get full cooperation from the weather when Mars is riding high on close approach. You did capture some nice surface detail.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Robert,

    I saw the white border, too. It looked like solar eclipse.

    Thanks for such good sketch!


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