Spinning Like a Pinwheel

Spinning Like a Pinwheel

M33 (NGC 598) The Pinwheel Galaxy
Sketch and Details by Milosz Guzowski


today I want to show M 33 sketch from my 10″ newtonian scope.

Night was good (NELM ~ 6,5 mag) and galaxy shows a spiral structure.

– Object Name (M 33)

-Object Type (Galaxy)

-Location (Poland/Białuty)

-Date (16.08.2009)

-Scope (10 inch Newtonian+10 mm ploosl)

-Medium (Graphite/blending stump on white paper + GIMP processing)

One thought on “Spinning Like a Pinwheel”

  1. Milosz,

    This is a very fine sketch of this remarkable face on spiral. When the sky is just a magnitude more light polluted this beauty all but disappears at the eyepiece.

    Frank 🙂

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