Solar protuberances


This summer I visited a friend in La Palma (Canaries) and could observe the
wonderful sky that there they have with his telescopes. One of them
dedicated to the solar observation is an apochromatic refractor 120 mm.
F/6,5 (Vixen), it has a filter installed H alpha SolarMax 90 (Coronado). The
day I observed he sun was completely clear, the solar limb was full of
protuberances and brilliant lines that following the magnetic fields. I took
immediately graphite pencil and white paper and began to draw everything
what he saw through the filter. I was very surprised because of the rapid
movement of the needles and arches that seems dramatic veils against the
dark sky. I tried to draw the variation of the forms with the passing of the
time but it was difficult. I will never forget that so magic experience.
You can see the place where I spent a week observing in this web site: . When the drawing was finished I changed it to negative
in the computer and turned it a bit red.
Leonor Ana Hernandez

2 thoughts on “Solar protuberances”

  1. Leonor,

    You’ve made a nice sketch. I like it colorized–it gives a realistic view of the solar disk when the H alpha filter is tuned to show prominences on the limb. Sketching the changes in the proms over time is difficult but worth doing. I hope you will attempt it again.

    Michael Rosolina
    Friars Hill, WV USA

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