A Faint Globular in the Serpent Bearer

A Faint Globular in the Serpent Bearer

NGC 6517, a faint globular cluster in Ophiuchus
Sketch and Details by Ferenc Lovró

Globular Cluster NGC 6517 in Ophiuchus

This is a very faint globular cluster that seems to be elongated in the N-S direction. Its core brightens softly, but it refuses to split up into stars even with HYPERLINK “http://www.graphitegalaxy.com/index.cgi?tutpage=AVERTED” averted vision and it also fails to respond to increasing magnifications. The object sits in the middle of some brighter stars that form a giant V-letter, pointing to the West.

Right Ascension: 18h 02m
Declination: -8° 58′
Constellation: Ophiuchus
Date/time: 2009.06.18 22:00 UT
Equipment: 12″ f/5 Newtonian
FoV: 16′ Magnification and filter(s): 250x
Seeing: 7/10 Transparency: 4/5
Location: Nádasdladány, Hungary
Observer: Ferenc Lovró

One thought on “A Faint Globular in the Serpent Bearer”

  1. Ferenc,

    Excellent representation of a very faint globular. Impressive sketches like this one are always a pleasure to see here.

    Frank 🙂

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